Friday, March 22, 2013

Did You Really Make That Skirt?

Yep, I made it from scratch (you know, in case the shitty sewing job didn’t tip you off. I choose to think it gives it character).

As you know I went down to the Fashion District last week and got a TON of fabric super cheap. Like cheap to the point where I didn't actually have plans for what I was gonna make with it all, but I couldn't not buy it because it was so cheap. So I come home and as I dump everything onto my bed and roll around in all my wonderful new merchandise, I pick up this lovely blue cotton blend (that I couldn't help but buy 3 yards of, which you would too if it were only $1.50/yd) and I remember The Pineneedle Collective's DIY for a velvet circle skirt (here) and I go HOLY COW PIES THAT’S WHAT I’M MAKING. I spent the entire next day watching Boy Meets World and making this skirt. Because obviously I live a pretty exhilarating life. 

I mean, really, I just like to live life on the edge. Which is why I also made a belt while I was at it.

(Please ignore my horrific hand-sewn button hole)

Luckily when I went to go try it on I pulled this shirt out of one of my drawers and realized that it matched PERFECTLY. I don’t know why but I really love this shirt. I’ve had it for years and even though it says American Eagle on it (and I don’t shop at American Eagle. Ever.) it’s just the material and the cut and the colours -- they just make me really happy, and now I have a perfect skirt to go with it! And of course my yellow flats go with everything so the whole thing just kind of came together on its own.

This whole outfit reminds me of Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood, but maybe that’s just because I’m currently OBSESSED with “Once Upon A Time” on top of my general obsession with fairytales.


Skirt - Homemade!
Red Scarf Belt - Target
Yellow Flats - Charlotte Russe