About Me

Howdilly Doodilly Neighboorino! My name is Evea (I know, you're like "What? How the hell do you say that?" It's pronounced "ee-vah". Think of Wall-E when he calls out to the the other robot Eve. Get it? No? That's okay, no one ever does. I know, my parents suck. I blame them too). Anyway, welcome to my blog! You'll find all sorts of stuff here, mostly revolved around my personal sense of style and outfits I put together from whatever I happen to find in my closet. I love thrifting or finding new ways to use old things. Meaning that I am thankful to the Fashion Gods that I never had the good sense to throw anything out from my childhood and, thus, still have a bunch of my awesome 90's clothes to work with! I also love all things pastels and Easter and anything to do with kitties or dinosaurs. I also happen to be obsessed with tattoos and piercings (quite a contrast, right? that's why this blog is dangerously sweet ;) get it? eh, eh?? honeysuckle cyanide? no? Ok.) Well in this blog you will find pictures of my outfits, reasons why I'm wearing what I'm wearing, where I got what I'm wearing and how it makes me feel or what it reminds me of, which usually leads to long ridiculous tangents about this one time at band camp or my favourite Disney movie (Cinderella) or something of the like. 

I hope that this blog will make you smile. I hope it will make you laugh. It will probably just make you think that I'm a crazy cat lady but hey, at least you can feel better  about yourself and I'll have done my job. This is just a record of a girl trying to live life to the silliest.

Join me.