Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh Dear... Catch-Up Once Again!

I'm terrible!
I'm awful!
I should be thrown in blogger-jail!

BUT. With the start of a new school year at a new school (Cal State LA here I come!) I feel rejuvenated and excited to post a whole slew of new outfits! I'm making a new name for myself and that means I need a wardrobe to match.

Of course that doesn't mean that I suddenly have a bunch of money to spend on new clothes; I will of course continue to give new life to old clothing that I've had for years or found in thrift shops, occasionally adding in a gem I found in the sale section or online, as per usual. But I do feel my state of mind and, consequently, my style changing and I'm hoping to find new ways to express myself through my clothing choices!

With all that said, here's all the outfits I've had backlogged and from now on all posts shall be brand new and up to date!

And pics from my Fairy Tale Birthday Party from (*cringe*) back in April (Have I mentioned how terrible I am at this whole blogging thing?)

"Good" portion of the party -- a tea party in the park!
Little Mermaid themed table with PB&J Sea Stars, Fish N' Chips and Lemon cupcakes with Lavender frosting (which turned blue outside-- weird!)
Cinderella Table with Lemon cupcakes and Buttercream frosting, doughnut hole Acorns, and Cloud Puff meringues and Hansel and Gretel's Trail Mix 
Tea Station
"Evil" part of the party, where it's back to my house for Dark Drinks made with Apple infused rum and Pomegranate infused vodka!
Jack's Magic Bean Soup (homemade blackbean soup) and Beanstalks Up In The Clouds (Lemon-herb seasoned asparagus with goat cheese)
Playing Pin the Horn on the Unicorn!
This is George. And he is still on our wall.