Friday, March 22, 2013

Did You Really Make That Skirt?

Yep, I made it from scratch (you know, in case the shitty sewing job didn’t tip you off. I choose to think it gives it character).

As you know I went down to the Fashion District last week and got a TON of fabric super cheap. Like cheap to the point where I didn't actually have plans for what I was gonna make with it all, but I couldn't not buy it because it was so cheap. So I come home and as I dump everything onto my bed and roll around in all my wonderful new merchandise, I pick up this lovely blue cotton blend (that I couldn't help but buy 3 yards of, which you would too if it were only $1.50/yd) and I remember The Pineneedle Collective's DIY for a velvet circle skirt (here) and I go HOLY COW PIES THAT’S WHAT I’M MAKING. I spent the entire next day watching Boy Meets World and making this skirt. Because obviously I live a pretty exhilarating life. 

I mean, really, I just like to live life on the edge. Which is why I also made a belt while I was at it.

(Please ignore my horrific hand-sewn button hole)

Luckily when I went to go try it on I pulled this shirt out of one of my drawers and realized that it matched PERFECTLY. I don’t know why but I really love this shirt. I’ve had it for years and even though it says American Eagle on it (and I don’t shop at American Eagle. Ever.) it’s just the material and the cut and the colours -- they just make me really happy, and now I have a perfect skirt to go with it! And of course my yellow flats go with everything so the whole thing just kind of came together on its own.

This whole outfit reminds me of Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood, but maybe that’s just because I’m currently OBSESSED with “Once Upon A Time” on top of my general obsession with fairytales.


Skirt - Homemade!
Red Scarf Belt - Target
Yellow Flats - Charlotte Russe

Monday, March 18, 2013

Why the Green Overload?

It's St. Patrick's Day!!! A day for unabashed, green-coloured, all-day-long drunkenness! Except that I had to nanny for the better part of the day time, so here is my more family-approved St. Patty's Day outfit.

I also didn't do much with my hair as I was planning on doing it up later. 

Gold at the End of the Rainbow Nails

Unfortunately it was too dark and I had already started drinking with my friends by the time I put my nighttime outfit together (lol) so I didn't get a good picture of it but here are some fun shots from the night at the Tam O'Shanter!

Green Dress -- Goodwill
Pencil Skirt & Caardigan -- Forever 21
Flats -- Charlotte Russe

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's the "Fashion District"?

Oh, you don't know? Well. One of the many benefits of living in LA is that the Fashion District is just a short drive downtown (and by short I mean at least 45 minutes in good traffic and if the Parking Fairy likes you). My new roommate is working on a commercial and needed to go get some fabric so I, having a car and no classes on Monday, decided I'd go with her and maybe do just a little bit of shopping while she did some business-y stuff. I didn't plan on walking more than 10 blocks in pretty much every direction from where we parked, stopping at Home Depot with creepy old guys standing in line behind us, or having a picnic at Ralph's on an usually hot March day. Now I know, for future visits, to NOT wear heels, not even little flowery kitten heels, because I now have terrifyingly huge blisters on each of my big toes. Ouch. But it turned out to be a really fun day! 

For those of you who don’t know, the Fashion District is a design, warehouse, and distribution smorgasbord of the clothing, accessories and fabric industry in Downtown Los Angeles. Spanning 90 blocks, basically it’s the center of all of your fashion needs, with indoor and outdoor vendors, shops & stands selling designer (and sometimes knockoff or counterfeit (careful!)) merchandise. There are block-long sections for shoes, purses, clothes, specific designers – you name it. There’s even a little area devoted to just fabric,where I spent most of the day. They buy hundreds of rolls of material in bulk and sell it super cheap. The whole area itself is definitely meant for the haggler, so the more you go the better you’ll hone in on those negotiation skills!

I ended up paying maybe $15 for all of this (and already started on a project which I'll be posting in the near future!)

     And as if I didn't look stupid enough walking around the Fashion District in heels, and because my roommate needed a few more things for her job, we ended up at Home Depot. Of course, being a fan of Legally Blonde, I decided to channel my inner Elle Woods and instead of feeling embarrassed and overdressed in a place I probably don't belong, I decided to rock that shit. 

Dress - Goodwill
Cardigan & Shoes - Forever 21
Glasses - V Generation
Canvas Bag - Cotton On

Friday, March 8, 2013

So, whats with the Rainboots?

Wellllll I get to wear my fuzzy blue socks underneath them so my toesies are all warm and cozy!

Not that it’s actually cold here (I mean, this is LA) but still, it’s a rainy day and I couldn’t help myself from stopping at Trader Joe’s to get the makings for Molly Weasley’s Creamy French Onion Soup from my Harry potter cookbook! So yummy.

(oh yeah did you see those Kitty Nails?)

Hey, you know what else is cozy? Cats sleeping on your butt.

Also, you may have noticed my Maiden Braids and if you are blog-savvy at all, then these probably look very familiar to you since my inspiration was (and is for pretty much all aspects of my life) Scathingly Brilliant! If you have never been to her blog before then I feel very sorry for you. But no fear! You can now go get your pastel fix and take in all the sunshine and cupcakes and rainbows (and cats) that make up her blog  that will leave you feeling the need to blow your next paycheck on! (PS- Kate, not gonna lie, my nails were TOTALLY inspired by your kitty shoes. lol)

Dress & Leggings - Forever 21
Boots & Belt - Thrifted

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello, What's YOUR Name?

Hello! Why, thanks for asking! My name is Evea (I know, you're like "What? How the hell do you say that?" It's pronounced "ee-vah". Think of Wall-E when he calls out to the the other robot Eve. Get it? No? That's okay, no one ever does. I know, my parents suck. I blame them too). Anyway, let see if I can describe myself in a single blog without it coming off like a bad dating website profile. 

...Although, I do happen to be single. I'm just saying. (hey, it was worth mentioning, right?)

Okay, so I am an April Fool's baby who is about to be 21-years-old in less than a month. I live in Los Angeles, CA but I grew up in San Francisco -- and yes, I mean actually in the city. I love to laugh and hang out with silly people and sing and dance like a crazy person because it freaks people out and I find it amusing. I’m 5’3”, strawberry blonde and I hate spiders. I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter. I love cheesecake and all types of animals. I'm very pale, and I like it that way. I believe all the answers to life's questions can be found in a Neil deGrasse Tyson quote. I find it difficult to take anything too seriously. If "The Nightmare Before Christmas" was real, I would live in Easter Land and never leave because a world full of pastels and furry creatures sounds like a sort of heaven to me. My knees go weak over fantastical photos of our galaxy, star explosions, and the aurora borealis. I love to cook, especially with wine....sometimes I even use it in the food! (cue drums: ba dum tss!) I own way too many flowery dresses. JUST KIDDING. There's no such thing as too many flowery dresses. I'm a certified crazy cat lady! yay! I currently have two, a boy and a girl, named Buster and Madison. Unfortunately for you, I'll probably talk about them a lot. My favourite animal is a lion but I'm also quite smitten with sheep. If I wasn't trying to be a stupid actress (an unfortunate passion to be completely in love with as the success rate of this particular career is rather slim) I would probably have full tattoo sleeves and many more piercings than I do now because I think they are beautifully creative forms of expression and artistry. As it is, I only have two (visible) tattoos of simple script written on each of my wrists that say "No Fear" and "Dream Big" because those are the two philosophies I live by (hence my unwavering dedication to my fickle craft). I also have a breast cancer ribbon with my grandmother's initials on my pelvis, a very hide-able place. Two of my creative outlets are painting very tiny things on my nails and decorating cakes. Sometimes when I'm out in the world I pretend I'm Alice wandering through wonderland. And then I get all philosophical and realize.... I AM. (what? I don't know.) A part of me never grew up and thinks its still the 90's. I only surround myself with positive happy people, so if you're mean, go away. I like to make up words because sometimes the English language just doesn't have what I need to describe what the monkeys are typing in my head. If I could, I would spend the majority of my time outside because I am absolutely in love with all things nature-y(<-- see? not a real word). I'm not gonna lie, a part of me just wishes Rivendell was a real place so I could live there (Oh shit, was that a Lord of the Rings reference? I think it was.) Did I mention I'm a nerd? Also, I'm a Humanist (I guess I'm technically an Atheist, but I agree with humanist values). I try to remind myself to do at least one selfless thing for someone else everyday, even if it's as simple as holding open a door or something, because I feel that love and happiness can easily be spread to others if you are willing to make even just the smallest of efforts. I try to laugh as much as possible in one day. I love science. I'm a pottymouth, and a lot of the time, I just don't give a fuck (because who has time for that?).

Okay well that was a lot more than I intended to write, but there you go. So now onto what you will find in this blog (and I'll try to keep this one short): I don't know.

See? That wasn't so bad. lol. The truth is I'm really not sure what I'm going to blog about. Probably a smorgasbord of things that have to do with movies and books that I love, fashion and DIYs, nerdy things that only I think are funny, food, WINE (I wasn't kidding before -- I mean I was, hence the rimshot drums -- but I really love wine. It's pretty much the only alcohol I drink besides whiskey and the occasional fruity drink with toothpick umbrellas and rum) and other bits of whimsical randomness that cross my path that I feel the need to share with the rest of the interwebz.

So... yeah. This is my blog. Hi new blog!