Friday, March 8, 2013

So, whats with the Rainboots?

Wellllll I get to wear my fuzzy blue socks underneath them so my toesies are all warm and cozy!

Not that it’s actually cold here (I mean, this is LA) but still, it’s a rainy day and I couldn’t help myself from stopping at Trader Joe’s to get the makings for Molly Weasley’s Creamy French Onion Soup from my Harry potter cookbook! So yummy.

(oh yeah did you see those Kitty Nails?)

Hey, you know what else is cozy? Cats sleeping on your butt.

Also, you may have noticed my Maiden Braids and if you are blog-savvy at all, then these probably look very familiar to you since my inspiration was (and is for pretty much all aspects of my life) Scathingly Brilliant! If you have never been to her blog before then I feel very sorry for you. But no fear! You can now go get your pastel fix and take in all the sunshine and cupcakes and rainbows (and cats) that make up her blog  that will leave you feeling the need to blow your next paycheck on! (PS- Kate, not gonna lie, my nails were TOTALLY inspired by your kitty shoes. lol)

Dress & Leggings - Forever 21
Boots & Belt - Thrifted