Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where Did You Go?

pfth... shwfth...puh... *WHACK* *WHACK*.. phew...

Oh, excuse me I was just beating off some cobwebs since it's been SO LONG since I've been on here (but let's be serious, I would never actually touch a cobweb. Unless I maybe had a 10 ft. pole.)

Well you guessed it, just like every other broke college student I've been living off ramen here for the last 3 weeks whilst studying for my finals (not my usual chicken flavour though since I've recently become a vegetarian! But more of that later). As it is, I have not been able to do anything but study, study, and um, .... oh yeah STUDY, and as a result -- besides leaving my apartment in a considerable (and slightly embarrassing) state -- I have not had even the smallest about of time to dedicate to my blog. Nor have I even put any real effort into my outfits lately worth documenting. 

BUT, guess what today was? My last final!

*Cue trumpets and fireworks*

Thank you, thank you. Really, you're too kind.

ANYWAY. Back to business. Since I don't really have any new outfits, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to go through my reserves.

In English, it means I'm backlogged. So here are a bunch of random outfits that never made it into posts. I almost thought of saving some for the next time I had to take a break from this wonderful release of creative energy I call a blog, but I'm going to be changing my hair soon and we're getting more into summer styles so I'm just gonna dump 'em all on ya now. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know which outfit you like best and why! 

You know how unhealthily obsessed as I am with Harry Potter? Yeah, that's my dad with the Beatles. It's pretty much all I grew up on. So for Christmas I got my dad a Beatles shirt and he was all excited and then started laughing, and when I asked him why, he told me to open my present. He'd gotten me this shirt. LOL. 

I hadn't had a chance to do my hair yet but Ingrid came over and since she always looks really fucking cute, I told her she had to be in my picture. But I think I changed right afterward though 'cause she looked cuter than me and that's not okay.

I love this skirt. It's so flattering!

My Mermaid Outfit

I love anything corduroy 

Just discovered my new headband is the exact same shade as my mint top! Naturally I had to put them together
Leather jackets just make everything more badass -- especially pastels! Gahhh I just love the contrast!

There I go again with my favourite sweater! And favourite solid blue dress... And favourite maiden braids...
And favourite blue butterfly earrings. lol.
Who said you can't have too much of a good thing? 
Photo props to my roommate Emily! 

 So. I've been struggling with green. I love it, but it has to be exactly the right shade. And there's really no such thing as pastel green, only neon (ew) so I have to work with what I can find. So when I found this green shirt at my favourite store V Generation with its built-in sweater clip for $12 I couldn't NOT get it. So since I'm learning to work with it, here is one shirt five ways!

 This is a very, very old tan/black polka dot dress that I've just never had the heart to get rid of, in spite of its tears and stains. But I found I could hide a bunch of those with my mint blue shirt and a little bit of interest around the waist with my lacy belt. 
And I'd like to point out that I am actually a shoe fanatic and own over 50 pairs. So why, as I go through all of these pictures, do I end up wearing my boots every time?  I just don't know how it keeps happening. lol.

 And lastly, my roommate Emily brought out her nice camera for this one! And for a change of scenery, here's my kitchen. And yes, that is a chalkboard wall. :)
 hi Buster!
Guess who's getting ready to go even pinker? THIS GIRL.