Friday, June 14, 2013

When Did You Go To Disneyland?

Welllllll a little while back when my sister Grace was working on the Disney Dream cruise ship (shes back on land now, yay!) she sent me these for my birthday 

with the promise to take me to Disneyland when she got back since she could get me & another friend into all of the parks for free, plus discounts on food & merchandise (aren't connections sweet?). Of course due to scheduling conflicts and with her moving back to SF, we only finally got to go just last week. Here are some highlights from our magical day!

Me and Grace
 On a safari adventure
 Cinderella Crown! This is pretty much mine and Mollys releationship.
Fastpass to Indiana Jones (where I lost my favourite purple sunglasses! SAD FACE :( ) And of course my sister is a rebel. I'm talkin' bonafied badass here.
 Squinting and preparing myself to walk around blind for the rest of the day
 I make Storm Troopers do Evea poses. I'm a boss like that.
On the teacups right as the parade was passing by
 Anyone else hear that if you yell "Andy's Coming!" the Toy Story characters will drop and go limp like the movies? 
LIES. Here's the proof. 
My sister on the other hand..... lol
 My new best friend
 So excited to go on Star Tours! Molly and I were freaking out over the real-life R2D2 & C3PO (I finally made her watch all the movies!)
 My favouritist!! I love me some Ewoks!
 Swear to god if I had the money I would own these right now.
After heading across to California Adventure we went to Cars Land where we all squished into one little compartment at the Junkyard Jamboree (And with my ears finally on right, since no one told me they were on backwards throughout all of these pictures. oops. lol)
So apparently California Adventure is privately owned meaning you can drink alcohol in public -- a happy surprise! Well, it would have been happier if my sister hadn't decided to take us to California Screamin', which happened to have the fastest moving line of the day, meaning we had to chug our drinks before getting on a super fast loopty-loop roller coaster. Not an example of our best judgment. haha.
 And then the LONGEST line of the day (but totally worth it) for Hollywood Tower Of Terror! 
 Then we rushed back over to Disneyland to make our fastpass time for Space Mountain, which could very well be my favourite ride of the day (and if I may insert some nerdy-love here, I could TOTALLY see a way to make this a Dr. Who themed ride!)
  With our eyes drooping and our feet screaming bloody murder at us, we hop on the tram back to our car. It's been a successful day at the Happiest Place on Earth :)